Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Improving The Safety Of Your Facility With Machine Safety Products

Laurie Washington

Operating a business that uses machines in the production of products means working to ensure that the people that run those machines are safe. Many times, machines that do not seem like they would be a problem or hold dangerous potential, and making sure it is safe is critical. 

Simple Controls

Machines with movement are some of the most dangerous. If someone is in the path of a part of the machine when it moves, it can cause an extreme injury, or worse. Making sure that does not happen means making sure the operator is out of the path of any moving parts when the machine is running. There are some straightforward ways to do that.

Keeping the operator clear of moving parts can be a simple as putting a light gate on the machine that will shut down the machine instantly if anything passes through the lights. The gates come in many different sizes so you can cover the open area of the machine no matter how large the opening is. The system will stop all movement on the machine before anyone can get into the path.

Another option that can help is a simple pressure sensing mat. Pressure mats placed in specific areas around the machine can work to require the operator to be on the mat for the machine to run. Still, they can also be used as an interrupt if the operator steps on the mat or someone walks into the area that does not belong there. 

Door guards can also act as in interrupt in the circuit if a door or panel is open on the machine. You can use door guards on gates or doors that the operator needs to close before the machine runs as well. While all of these are pretty basic protections, they can substantially reduce the risk of injury or danger while operating the machines you use in your business. 

Advanced Options

There are controllers and other electronic devices that will also improve the safety of your equipment if something goes wrong or somewhere is in an area that they should not be. Often, these controllers are used on CNC machines and computer-controlled systems that have limited operator involvement. 

Talk with a machine control safety products supplier, such as Henry M. Wood Company, if you are looking for something specific or have a challenging safety issue to resolve. There are a lot of options to ensure that your employees are safe and that the machines do not sustain damage in the event of an emergency shutdown. 


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