Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

4 Good Reasons To Rent Scaffolding When Painting Your Home

Laurie Washington

Forget about trying to paint your home without the help of some scaffolding. Here are just a few good reasons to consider renting scaffolding while you're painting:

Decrease Your Risk of Injury

Renting a scaffolding set to utilize while you paint your house will decrease your risk of getting injured as you work. Unlike a ladder, scaffolding provides a large flat surface to stand and walk on so you'll be less likely to fall and end up with debilitating injuries. Coupled with a harness system, you should feel secure and be able to focus your time on your work rather than your safety.

Enhance Overall Convenience

You should find that scaffolding makes the job of painting your home easier and more convenient overall. You can bring full gallons of paint up with you to the scaffolding surface so you don't have to keep climbing up and down a ladder to refill a paint tub. You can also keep a variety of paintbrushes and rollers handy so you don't have to keep track of them on the ground. And you'll have room to keep a small cooler full of water and snacks nearby so you can keep yourself hydrated and fueled without having to stop for long breaks.

Ensure a Job Well Done

Standing on scaffolding to paint your home will be a lot more comfortable than standing on a ladder, so you'll be more likely to take your time and make sure you do a professional job when all is said and done. Instead of focusing on your footing and your balance, you can focus on your brush strokes and make sure that you properly tape up each area before you start painting. You can take a step back on the scaffolding to visually inspect the job you're doing and catch small problems or places that need an extra coat of paint a lot easier than you can when you're standing on a ladder.

Save Some Money

Renting a scaffolding set can save you some money on your house painting project in a couple of different ways. First and foremost, renting scaffolding is less expensive than buying it outright. It can even be less expensive than buying a ladder that will allow you to reach the top of your home while you paint. You will be less likely to spill your paint when working on scaffolding too, which should minimize that chance that you'll have to buy more paint to get your painting project done.

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