Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying An Automatic Girth Welder

Laurie Washington

Automatic girth welders are extremely helpful in performing horizontal welds quickly and accurately. If you think your welding operations could benefit from this machine, these buying tips will help you come away with a great investment. 

Asses Welding Speed

All automatic girth welders are designed to cut welding times by a lot compared to manual techniques, but these speeds can vary from welder to welder. It is thus important that you assess this attribute with different welders so that you find something that works optimally.

You should be able to see projected welding time percentages by checking out the welder's product description. If the speed is not listed, then be sure to ask the manufacturers directly. Also keep in mind that the quicker an automatic girth welder is, the more expensive it will probably be. Just do what works for your budget and specific operations. 

Ensure Housing Unit Is Durable

Since you're spending so much money on an automatic girth welder, it's highly recommended to get one housed in durable materials. Otherwise, your welder may not hold up as long as you need it to, and the welder may need repairs frequently.

One of the best materials for a girth welder's housing unit is heavy-duty steel. It will protect integral components of the girth welder effectively, as well as hold up in whatever environments you find yourself exposed to. You can also get steel housing units enhanced with powder-coats, which prevent steel materials from rusting.

Inspect in Person

Although there are automatic girth welders available online for you to purchase, the safer route is buying in person. After all, there are important details that you need to see in real life to determine if the girth welder is right for your operations.

You shouldn't have trouble finding automatic girth welder suppliers that have inventory for you to examine up close. Look their welders over carefully, inspecting relevant components. After some close inspection, you should have a better idea of what specifically will work best for your operations going forward. Taking this approach helps you avoid buyer's remorse later on.

There are a lot of incredible uses for automatic girth welders today and many sectors that rely on them. If you plan on buying one to help with welding operations, take your time weighing important specs and features. A calculated approach can help you make the right selection without any hesitancy or future regrets. 


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