Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

3 Helpful Features to Look for in Industrial AGM Batteries

Laurie Washington

Industrial batteries are used to power all sorts of machinery, from forklifts to tractors. If you need to buy some for your particular work operations, looking for these features, in particular, can help you maximize this investment. 

1. Lifting Handles

Industrial batteries can be pretty heavy and that's not ideal if you have to transport them quite a long distance to reach the intended equipment. In this case, you'll want to pursue industrial batteries with lifting handles. You can easily grab onto the handles when lifting the batteries into position on compatible equipment. 

The handles are made from heavy-duty materials so you don't have to worry about them breaking and then the battery potentially damaging. Also, the handles help you lift the industrial batteries in a safe manner so that you can avoid severe neck and back injuries.

2. Terminal Protectors

Chances are, your industrial batteries will be exposed to some harsh conditions outside. Therefore, you need a way to keep the terminals secure. Otherwise, they could build up rust and then your batteries may not work so good anymore. Fortunately, you can find industrial batteries that come with terminal protectors. 

They cover each terminal completely and are usually made out of durable rubber. It will shield the terminals from all sorts of weather elements, which ultimately prevents rust and other structural issues from rearing their ugly head. All you need to do is make sure the terminals are in position over the batteries periodically.

3. High-Impact Strength

Even if your industrial batteries do have handles, you may trip and accidentally drop them on the ground. You may be worried about extensive damage taking place, but you can ease your concerns by getting batteries with high-impact strength. The casing material that the batteries are in can take a lot of abuse. 

Even if your batteries are dropped from a distance or get slammed against a structure on accident, the protective case will keep integral components fully protected. You can then rest easy knowing that your batteries will perform optimally no matter what type of activity they're put through.

There are a lot of machines that rely on industrial batteries to run. If you need to purchase some for these devices, take your time looking for batteries with the right features. Taking this approach can help you make the most out of these batteries and circumvent a lot of issues. Contact industrial AGM battery suppliers to learn more. 


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