Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

3 Ways You Can Troubleshoot Your Oil Burner

Laurie Washington

Many homes across the country are heated by oil burners. These furnaces rely on heating oil as a fuel source instead of using natural gas or electricity. An oil burner can be tricky if you don't know how to troubleshoot simple problems because you don't want to compromise your home's access to reliable heat.

Before you reach out to your repair technician to restore heat in your home, try these three troubleshooting techniques to get your oil burner up and running once again.

1. Check for Adequate Power

One of the most common reasons an oil burner can stop heating your home is problems with the electrical supply. Sometimes the power switch on the burner will get bumped into the "off" position. This prevents the burner from creating a flame that will ignite the heating oil needed to raise the temperature in your home.

Electrical issues can interfere with the performance of your oil burner whenever your home experiences a sudden power surge or power outage. These electrical anomalies can cause the breaker connected to your oil burner to trip. You will need to reset the breaker in order to restore power to your oil burner.

2. Check Fuel Levels

In order to heat your home efficiently, your oil burner needs access to a ready supply of heating oil. Most homeowners have their heating oil delivered and deposited directly into a storage tank.

Unless you monitor the tank regularly, it can be easy to overlook low fuel levels.

Take a look at the gauge on your storage tank to determine how much heating oil remains in the tank. If oil levels are low, contact your supplier for immediate delivery. This should allow your oil burner to heat your home once again.

3. Reset Your Burner

Modern oil burners come with two separate reset buttons. The first is located on the ignition safety relay while the second is connected directly to the burner motor. If one of these buttons is accidentally pushed in or tripped by a power surge, your oil burner will fail to produce heat.

You can reset the burner by pushing both restart buttons. This should reset the system and cause your oil burner to kick back on.

If you are unable to correct your heating problem after going through all of the basic troubleshooting steps, then reach out to a qualified repair technician for help. A professional who offers burner services will help you get your oil burner working. 


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