Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Rust Is Bad For Machinery And Other Equipment

Laurie Washington

It's important to keep machinery and equipment free of rust because of all the ways that rust can cause damage and problems. Keep reading and you will become better informed on the issues that rust can cause here, as well as learn some things you can do to keep things like machinery and other equipment free of rust. 

How rust can affect the way machinery and equipment performs

There are a lot of ways that rust can negatively affect machinery and other types of tools and equipment. The rust can cause the metal to erode and this itself causes some major problems and concerns. For one thing, when the metal starts to erode, its surface will become rough and this can cause issues like having gears stick or other parts to become stuck and no longer move smoothly against one another. 

Once the erosion gets worse, it causes the metal to become weakened. The weakened metal can cause parts of the equipment to end up breaking off. When you have anything break off, then this can cause issues that range from the machinery not working right or completely breaking to having dangerous situations arise depending on the type of machinery or equipment that you are dealing with. For example, if rust causes a piece to break off of a large piece of equipment, then a piece can fall on someone and cause them to be injured. Or, if the machinery is something that a person is physically on, then they can end up falling. 

How rust can cause leaks

Another thing that can happen when rust causes damage to a piece of equipment or machinery is that the rust can cause damage to an area where fluid is then allowed to leak out. When the equipment has a leak, then you won't want to run it or you can end up causing a lot of damage. Also, depending on the type of fluid that leaks out, the fluid itself can cause damage to anything that it leaks on including other equipment or even the floor. 

How you can protect machinery and other equipment from rust

In order to keep machinery, tools, and equipment from getting rust you will want to keep the parts as dry as you can. Also, you want to use rust prevention oil that will prevent the rust from developing on the areas where you have applied it.


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