Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Features To Get In A Submersible Pump For A Well System

Laurie Washington

A lot of water wells rely on submersible pumps because of their energy efficiency. They use pressure to move water in a more efficient manner compared to other pumps. If you plan on buying one of these pumps for a water well system, here are some features that will make a difference in how this pump operates long-term.

Completely Corrosion-Resistant Parts

A submersible pump will be submerged the entire time it runs for your water well system. This submersion won't be a problem if you ensure all of its components have a corrosion-resistant design. That includes the check valve, relief valves, clamps, adapters, and hangers.

When all of these major components have corrosion-resistant ratings, you won't have to constantly inspect this part of your water well or worry about its performance. You'll get a pump that is very dependable.

Built-In Check Valve

If you want to have more confidence in the performance of your water well's submersible pump, then make sure you get one with a built-in check valve. This component will keep water from going in the reverse direction once the pump stops working.

A valve will close completely, and that is critical in helping you maintain the right water pressure levels that are needed to effectively get water from a well system. Additionally, since this check valve will already be built into your pump, you won't have to purchase this component separately and potentially have to worry about compatibility issues. 

Installation Assistance

Setting up a submersible pump is completely different than a standard pump that is placed on ground level. For proper water pumping performance, this pump has to be set up very deep in the recess of the well.

A lot of labor and specialized tools are required to achieve this task, so you're better off making sure your submersible pump comes with installation assistance from a professional company that can handle this setup with ease. Despite having to place this pump far down into the ground where your well system is, professional assistance will get the job done safely and quickly.

There are some water wells that require submersible pumps to work optimally, such as wells that are really deep. If you have said well and require one of these pumps, make sure you know what to get out of it before searching. That is the best advice for getting a compatible and highly effective submersible pump.

For more information about well pumps, like a Flint and Walling submersible water pump, contact a local retailer.


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