Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Advantages Of Setting Up A Warehouse Pedestrian Detection System

Laurie Washington

If you have a warehouse that utilizes forklifts on a regular basis, then you need to make sure your staff knows where they are and where they are moving to. That's possible when you invest in a pedestrian detection system for your warehouse, which can help with several things.

Prevent Dangerous Collisions with Forklifts

Forklifts are big and can create a lot of force when moving at certain speeds, which is why you want to do everything you can to minimize collisions with them. That's especially true for the workers around these moving machines.

If you use a pedestrian detection system, you'll have a fairly easy time keeping forklift collisions at bay. That's because pedestrians and forklifts will be fitted with detection devices that will go off if these devices come close to each other. That can alert pedestrians and help them move out of the way just in time before a severe collision occurs.

Hear and See Alarms

When a forklift does approach pedestrians in your warehouse, you want to make sure all relevant parties are alerted so they can take the necessary safety precautions. You'll have more confidence in this when you use a pedestrian detection system.

The detection devices that go on people and forklifts will sound audible and visual alarms. That's two layers of protection, which should be enough to get the attention of both forklift operators and pedestrians that are getting close to each other. You can even adjust the audible and visual settings to make absolutely sure alarms are acknowledged. 

Easy to Set Up

Even though pedestrian detection systems for warehouses might seem pretty advanced and thus have an involved setup, it's actually pretty user-friendly. You'll just have to set up the detection devices on the appropriate personnel and forklift equipment in your warehouse.

Then you need to ensure they can remain secure, even if there is movement. Your detection system will come with setup instructions too if you want more guidance. Just make sure that after you follow the appropriate setup advice, you test the detection devices out to make sure this install was a success. 

One way you can improve the safety of your warehouse is to utilize pedestrian detection systems. They will alert forklift operators and pedestrians if either party gets close enough to each other. Ultimately, that's going to enhance situational awareness and reduce the number of collisions that happen around this work environment. 

For more information on warehouse pedestrian detection systems, contact a company near you.


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