Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Effective Ways To Maximize PCD Tooling When Cutting Materials

Laurie Washington

Since PCD tooling doesn't have soft wear patterns, it's actually very durable and thus capable of cutting through abrasive materials. The best way to maximize the effectiveness of these tools over the years is to follow a couple of simple protocols.

Keep PCD Tooling Separated

It's a good idea to keep your PCD tools in storage containers because then they won't have the chance to damage from bumping up against hard surfaces. That being said, you need to keep each PCD tool in a separate container because that's the best way to maximize this tooling's lifespan and special cutting properties.

You could buy a storage box that has separate areas where you can put all of your PCD tools based on their size and purpose. Not only will that give this tooling extra protection, but it's also going to help you find specific PCD tools a lot faster when they're needed for a project.

Make Sure Appropriate Equipment is Used For Inspections

It's commonplace to inspect PCD tools on a regular basis because it helps ensure cutting performance is optimized each time. However, you need to make sure the appropriate inspection equipment is used because otherwise what could happen is the edges of this tooling get chipped. That would interfere with the type of cutting results you're able to achieve going forward.

You can save yourself a lot of issues by just having your PCD tooling professionally inspected. Licensed inspectors will know what inspection equipment to use, so they can thoroughly assess the condition of the polycrystalline diamonds without causing them any harm. 

Find a Supplier That Uses Special Packaging When Shipping

When your PCD tools come to the end of their lifespan, you'll want to order more from a supplier. Just make sure they use special packaging that's specifically designed for PCD tooling so that you can ensure the new tools come in without structural issues that would otherwise affect cutting performance.

For instance, if you find a supplier that uses custom foam inserts that provide full-coverage protection to PCD tools, you can trust they'll make it through shipping without being damaged in a severe way.

PCD tools are very powerful and thus optimal for cutting through abrasive materials. As long as you know how to care for these tools and use them over the years, it shouldn't be difficult having this tooling last for as long as it's supposed to. 

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