Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Air Tools: Maintenance Tips To Remember

Laurie Washington

Air tools are important for a lot of applications because of the power they can generate thanks to compressed air. If you have these tools in your possession and want them to continue to perform great, get involved in the following type of maintenance.

Change Filters Regularly

A lot of air tools rely on filters to screen things like debris and dirt. They thus can't affect the interior components of these air tools. That being said, you'll need to change out these filters after a period of time. Typically, it's every couple of months or so.

Such a simple maintenance step will help your air tools work like they're supposed to. They'll also be able to hold up a lot longer since dirt and debris won't be able to break down vital interior components like motors and seals. 

Check For Leaks

One thing that can happen to air tools over time is they start to leak. This can drastically affect the power you're able to get from an air tool, so it's important to check for leaks every time you go to use this type of equipment.

You'll be able to tell pretty quickly if an air tool leaks because of the sound it makes and the type of performance you get from it. If you do identify a leak, try to find out which component air leaks from and then do what you need to from a repair standpoint. A lot of times, air tools will leak around connection points so you might start here when inspecting said tools. 

Make Adjustments if Pressure Levels Are Off

Probably one of the most important aspects of performance for an air tool is the pressure levels that it's kept at. This needs to be perfect in order for you to get compressed air in an optimal, safe manner.

If you see that your air tool doesn't fall in line with its suggested pressure levels, you need to make an adjustment. You might need to change out parts that are damaged structurally or have the air tool reconditioned by a professional company. It just depends on what condition the air tool is in and why you're not getting optimal pressure levels anymore.

If you have an air tool, such as an air compressor or nail gun, it's a good idea to perform routine maintenance steps for it. Then you can ensure it performs great long-term.  


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