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Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Tyvek Banners - Custom Display Products

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Tyvek materials are constructed of synthetic strands. The durability and malleability of Tyvek materials make them suited for use when designing banners.

The Composition Of Tyvek

Fibrous strands that are made of synthetic materials are used to produce Tyvek goods. The synthetic materials resemble paper but are much more durable. They are able to withstand rain, wind, and frozen precipitation. Banner manufacturers use digital photography, ink, and paint to produce custom banner products.

The flexibility of this banner material will allow a manufacturer to add pleats, creases, and other design work across a banner product that will be displayed outdoors. 

Inkjet Printing Processes

Because Tyvek products are waterproof, water-based ink products cannot be added directly to Tyvek materials. A manufacturer treats the fabric with a special sealant first. This allows water-based products to adhere properly.

Once the fabric is treated, the water-based ink will not fade or smudge.

A custom banner designer manufactures Tyvek advertising materials that contain brilliant colors. Both high and low-resolution designs can be added to Tyvek materials. 

Display Accessories That Support Banner Use

Grommets are often secured to Tyvek products. The strength of Tyvek is supportive of this type of hanging software. Twine or another heavy-duty type of string product can be threaded through grommet holes.

Some manufacturers of custom banner products may sell banner stands. Banner stands keep banners stabilized. If a smaller banner product is going to be displayed outdoors, the use of a banner stand may be desired. A stand can be set up on any level surface. Once the stand is assembled, the banner can be anchored within the frame pieces. 

Double-Sided Print

If a banner is going to receive a lot of exposure, it can be beneficial to have print added to both sides of it. A banner that is going to be suspended over a roadway is a candidate for double-sided print. Motorists who are heading in both directions will be able to read the advertising that is displayed on a double-sided Tyvek product.

Custom Pictures

Custom pictures can be added to a Tyvek banner. If a consumer would like original artwork to be added to a banner, they will need to supply a banner designer with a sample of the artwork. A photograph or a drawing can be used for this purpose. A designer will use distinct colors, textures, and shapes to recreate the imagery that will be printed on the banner.

To learn more about products like outdoor Tyvek banners, contact a local industrial equipment supplier.


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