Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Three Benefits Of Scaffolding With Stairs

Laurie Washington

When you need to rent a significant amount of scaffolding to work on a project several feet off the ground, you need to think about how you'll travel from one level of scaffolding to another. Many sets of scaffolding have bars that are positioned somewhat like ladders, allowing you to climb between levels. This isn't the only design, however. You have other choices. Other types of scaffolding have built-in stairs. The stairs crisscross their way up the scaffolding, and there are landings between each flight of stairs. Here are three benefits of using scaffolding that has stairs

Safer Climbing

Safety is of paramount importance when you're working with scaffolding, especially when you are several feet off the ground. Climbing the ladder-like bars between levels of scaffolding can be challenging. This can make it hazardous. For example, at the end of the day when you're tired, you might struggle with the physical task of climbing in this manner. Using stairs to travel between flights of scaffolding, whether you're going up or down, is a lot safer. The presence of stairs should dramatically lower the risk of injury for you and those working with you.

Quicker Movement

Although you should always move between levels of scaffolding at a pace that feels the safest, there's little question that you can go up and down a flight of stairs much quicker than climbing on the bars of the scaffolding. Climbing is a much slower process. The speed with which you can ascend and descend can help to make projects go quicker. Even saving a handful of seconds each time you go up or down can result in significant time savings throughout a long workday. When you're working with several people, the speed of using the stairs amplifies the time savings.

Easier Tool Handling

It's a lot easier to carry tools and supplies up and down multiple levels of scaffolding when you can travel on flights of stairs rather than climbing on the bars. A person typically needs both hands free to climb. It can be difficult to carry certain tools and equipment. Even if a person uses one hand to hold the railing as they move up and down the stairs, they'll have the other hand free to carry whatever they need. This can improve the efficiency of the project.

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