Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Six Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting A New Industrial Generator

Laurie Washington

A generator is an essential piece of equipment for many industrial facilities. If you're looking to purchase or replace an industrial generator, you need to avoid mistakes that could detract from generator efficiency and effectiveness.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when selecting a new industrial generator for your facility. 

Failing to evaluate fuel options

There are various fuel sources used for industrial generators. You should evaluate these options before purchasing an industrial generator. The main options you can choose from are petrol, gas, or diesel. 

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each fuel source. Also, consider the costs of acquiring these various fuels in your area. The costs of various fuel types can differ significantly by area. Select a fuel source that you can acquire at a reasonable price at your location. 

Choosing a model with inadequate or excessive power

Power is one of the essential considerations to take into account. Your power needs are determined by what equipment your generator needs to run at your facility.

You might need a generator to power your entire industrial facility. In this case, you should choose a generator that's capable of keeping up with peak power consumption at your facility. A generator with less power might be adequate if you only are going to have a few pieces of equipment connected to it at any given time. 

Overlooking installation details

It's important to plan ahead for generator installation. Generator installation is likely to be a big job. Your facility may not be able to operate normally during installation. Discuss installation requirements with your generator installer so that you can prepare in advance for any production downtime. 

Improperly placing your industrial generator

The placement of your generator around your facility is an essential consideration. Ideally, you want to place your generator some distance away from your main operation center. However, you also want to keep your generator easily accessible for refueling and repair needs. 

Neglecting to plan ahead for maintenance needs

You're going to need to keep your industrial generator maintained so that it continues performing well over time. It's a good idea to sign on to an annual service contract when you have a new industrial generator installed.

This way, you know that you'll get prompt maintenance when you need it to maximize generator performance and longevity. 

Not anticipating noise issues

Generators tend to make a great deal of noise. There's really no way around this. The only thing you can do is plan for generator placement to reduce the consequences of excessive noise. 

You can help to muffle noise by building an enclosure for your generator. You can also try to locate your generator some distance from areas at your facility where people will need to speak with one another.

For further questions regarding selecting an industrial generator, reach out to a professional like those at Scott's Emergency Lighting & Power Generation Inc.


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