Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Vital Reasons To Use Biological Nutrient Removal For Your Waterways

Laurie Washington

As a commercial property owner, you are obligated to keep it in the safest and cleanest condition possible. Part of this responsibility involves keeping the bodies of water on your property free from harmful agents. To ensure the cleanliness of your waterways, you must especially get rid of toxic chemicals like nitrogen and phosphorous. These reasons are some for using professional biological nutrient removal for bodies of water on your commercial property.

Removing Dangerous Chemicals

Without extensive chemistry knowledge, you may have no idea of what chemicals exist in your bodies of water and what ones are the most toxic. You do not want to target chemicals that are needed to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the water. Instead, you solely want to target those that can make your property's water dangerous with which to come into contact.

A professional biological nutrient removal service knows how to identify nitrogen and phosphorous in your water and can eliminate these chemicals quickly and thoroughly. You are left with water that is safe to introduce to your property's ground or surface water and will pose no chemical threat to people who come into contact with it.

Reducing Algae Growth

Chemicals like phosphorus and nitrogen create ideal conditions in water for toxic growths like algae to take root. If your water becomes laden with any kind of algae growth, it can quickly become a place that is not only unsightly but also unpleasant with which to come into contact. The algae has an offensive odor that can linger for days or weeks on your property.

To eliminate the risk of harmful algae growth, you need to get rid of phosphorus and nitrogen from water that flows into your ground or surface water. The cleansed water adds to the health and appearance of your property's ponds, lakes, or streams and does not introduce algae blossoms to it.

Protecting Wildlife and Fauna

Finally, nitrogen and phosphorous are toxic to wildlife and natural fauna like lily pads and lilies that grow on your bodies of water. To encourage the growth and health of frogs, dragonflies, flowers, and other organisms, you need to get rid of these dangerous chemicals. You create water that encourages natural wildlife and flowers to thrive.

These are some of the reasons for using biological nutrient removal for your property's waterways. You get rid of toxic chemicals and get water that is clean and safe.


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