Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Why You Should Invest in a Robotic Total Station When You're a Land Surveyor

Laurie Washington

If you're a land surveyor, you have probably already purchased various equipment to use when you're working on surveying jobs. You might have scanners, GPS systems, and other equipment that you regularly use. You might not have invested in a total robotic station yet, and you might not think this equipment is necessary. After all, in the past, surveyors were able to get their jobs done well without these stations, and you might have never felt you needed one. However, a robotic total station can be a great investment for pretty much any land surveyor for all of these reasons.

They're Easy to Transport

You might be worried about investing in a robotic total station because you could be worried that it's going to be big, bulky, and cumbersome for you to drag around. However, robotic total stations are designed to be brought out into the field when you're working, so they're easily portable. They're typically light in weight and can be moved around without a problem, so you don't have to worry about making set-up much more difficult for yourself by investing in a robotic total station.

They Can Hold Up Well in the Field

Robotic total stations shouldn't be submerged in water or left out in the weather for long periods of time, of course. However, these units are designed to be used outdoors and therefore shouldn't be damaged from simply getting a little dirty, being exposed to a little bit of wind, or getting damp from light rain. Of course, you should try to protect and clean your unit when possible, but you shouldn't worry about using it outdoors, either.

They Make Your Job Much Easier

Land surveying is a very tricky job. If you have a robotic total station to help you with getting some of your work done, however, you won't have to do everything manually, so you can make your job much easier on yourself.

They Help You Survey More Quickly

The faster that you can get surveys done, the happier your customers are probably going to be. Additionally, you will be able to service more customers and make more money if you can get surveys done more quickly. Luckily, a robotic total station can help you get each survey done more quickly.

They Help You With Accuracy

When someone hires you to perform a land survey, they are typically counting on you to provide them with the most accurate survey possible. Using a robotic total station is a good way to make sure that each survey is done as accurately as possible.

For more info, look into available robotic stations, such as a Carlson CRX1 500 robotic station.


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