Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Industrial Equipment: Now and Later

Helpful Tips For Implementing Fire Extinguishers In Your Manufacturing Facility

Laurie Washington

When running a fire extinguisher, you will need to put a focus on fire safety, if this is not something you have done already. One way that you can get started is by implementing fire extinguishers throughout your facility. These are a few helpful tips for implementing fire extinguishers if this is something you're hoping to do soon. 

Understand Why You Need Fire Extinguishers

First, you should understand why you need fire extinguishers. You might be legally required to have a certain number of fire extinguishers. Additionally, you should know that fires can and do start in manufacturing facilities like yours. If a fire starts, you can greatly reduce the chances of someone getting hurt or killed by using fire extinguishers. You can help minimize expensive property damage with the proper use of fire extinguishers, too. Your business is taking a big risk if you are operating without fire extinguishers, and chances are that you are violating laws and requirements that your business is supposed to follow, too. If you don't have them already, now is a good time to invest in fire extinguishers.

Train Your Employees About Proper Use

Don't assume that your employees will know how to use a fire extinguisher if something happens. Particularly in a frightening and dangerous situation, it might be hard for your employees to figure out what to do. This is why you should host training sessions to show all of your employees how to use a fire extinguisher. Then, hopefully, they will remember their training and will know what to do if they find themselves needing to use a fire extinguisher.

Make Sure They're Easy to Access

It's important to have enough fire extinguishers in your place of business, and it's important to be sure they are easy to access. You will definitely want to have fire extinguishers at easy reach from all of the different places around your facility.

Implement Other Fire Safety Methods

Of course, fire extinguishers can be very effective and useful in emergency situations. However, this doesn't mean that you should rely on them alone for fire safety in your facility. You should also implement other fire safety methods, including installing a sprinkler system or fire suppression system, using fire-safe building materials when possible, installing smoke detectors and fire alarms, and more. A professional who focuses on fire safety can help you determine all of the changes you can make to make your business as safe as possible.

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